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The Announcement on Third-party Enterprise Service Partner Recruitment 

of Haikou International Investment Promotion Bureau 


Founded in November 2019, Haikou International Investment Promotion Bureau (hereinafter refer to as HIIPB) is a statutory body established by Haikou Peoples Government in accordance with its No. 112 order. HIIPB operates within its legal responsibilities to engage in business activities. HIIPB serves the HQ, attracts investments and engages sin regional cooperation, etc.

With regard to its business demands, HIIPB needs to integrate high-quality service resources to satisfy a wide range of services for corporate production, operation and management. Therefore, HIIPB now recruits third-party partners at home and abroad that provide professional services to enterprises, and establishes a base of third-party professional service organizations, which provide whole industry chain services to enterprises for their healthy development.

I. Scope of Recruitment

All organizations capable of providing whole industry chain services to enterprises, including but not limited to: law firm, accounting firm, intellectual property service company, human resource service company, financial institution, securities trader sponsor institution, evaluation institution, audit institution, bonding company, arbitral institution, third-party inspection and testing institution, market survey institution, professional investment attraction service institution, professional think tank, university and scientific research institutions, and industry associations, etc.

II. Qualifications

1) Qualified as an independent legal entity.

2) Experienced with good service capability.

3) A professional service team with professional certification or title.

4) Good social and industry reputation, and no record of administrative penalty by judiciary administration or punishment by industry association.

III. Recruit Time

Starting from the day of issuing this notification.

IV. Process

1) Application. The intended organizations should visit the following website or QR code, fill in application form and send the form attachments to Email box again. The Email subject should be Partner Application + Organization Name + Contact Number .

Email box: [email protected]

Phone number: +86-898-68624851, +86-898-68624852

Application website:  https://www.wenjuan.com/s/jEBNZrm/

QR code:


2) Evaluation. HIIPB would organize experts to evaluate professional third-party partners.

3) Signing of strategic partnership agreement. HIIPB would sign strategic partnership agreements with professional third-party partners

V. Service Support

1) Establish a base of third-party professional service organizations. The included organizations would be managed through sorting, with social publicity campaigns in different ways and channels.

2) Integrate government policy resources to give policy priorities to the included organizations.

3) Launch service docking activities that give priorities to the demands of HQ enterprises and key enterprises.

4) HIIPB relies on commissioned services to purchase services from professional third-party partners which provide services to relevant enterprises.

5) The included organizations would participate in the industry exchange activities held by HIIPB so as to promote cooperative relationship between partners.

VI. Notes.

1) The list of included organizations would be updated once a year.

2) The notification is infinitely valid.

      Haikou International Investment Promotion Bureau

         February 2nd, 2020 

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